Hiya Friends

1. I'm Alexander R. Gargano a Junior in Communication Design at Washington University in St. Louis.

2. I was born in Chicago, Il. and would love to be an illustrator after graduation or at least a junkie who can make a mean magazine spread. I'm taking this class for all the obvious reasons (creditz) yes, but I am also very interested in the direction visual and communicative arts is heading in the 21st century, which means having the basic of grasps in coding.

3. Other than the simplest webpage designs or using inspect on sentences to change them for comedic effect, I have relatively little experience in HTML style coding.

4. I'd be more than happy if I left the class with the ability to code an engaging interface for any type of website.

5. A piece of art scanned onto a screen is so less interesting than seeing its counterpart in real life. People's attention spans are a lot shorter online than when not glaring at a screen, so visually engaging the audience will need to be approached with different methods.

6. https://myspace.com Bring it back baby!!

7. Can I say https://wikipedia.org without it being cheating? Because I still to this day read the Wikipedia after I read anything else, just to make sure I got 100% of the information.

8. https://zorbasismissing.com I stumbled across this website —run by the Greek type foundry Karlopoulos&Associates— in downtown Athens by scanning a QR code graffiti sticker. The combination of off-screen interaction, sleek design and seeming pointlessness all add up to a tiny gem of a website. (or any website that allows AdBlock honestly.)